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Keith Haring

  Kieth Haring is one of the few artists who's work has the ability to move me in so many different ways. It's not often you effectively grow up with an icon and when I was at art college that's effectively what he was. As regular readers will know I'm a great fan of simplicity and his work epitomises the idea that it shouldn't take much to make a statement. Love, energy, sorrow, humour, joy - his work has everything.  His work is as fresh and relevant today as it...

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Holiday Treasures

 Dusting my nic nacs always brings a smile to my face. Because every time I travel abroad I like to bring back a momento of the journey. Not a fridge magnet or a tropical disease, but something charming and preferably unique. This sweet painting measures just 7in x 5in and was dicovered at a brocante in Cognac last September. It's the best single Euro I ever spent, I would have happily paid ten times that. Thank you to whoever painted this little masterpiece it was worth every brush stroke, we were...

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John Stezaker

  I first discovered the wonderful work of British conceptual artist John Stezaker at the Saatchi Gallery. I absolutely love his stuff, I am a sucker for anything that involves faces being manipulated or obscured, something deeply disturbing must have happened to me when I was a little girl but this kind of thing gives me a huge buzz. It's a thought that played a part in the creation of my new range ArtPop (Out Now). I'm sure it's no coincidence that the majority of the portraits on my Pinterest board also...

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