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  Hands up who had one of these? Keep your hand up if you want one for Christmas all over again. Spirograph would always put a smile on my face and pen all over my finger tips. It's the reason green biros were invented. It really was "a simple and fascinating way to draw a million marvellous patterns." What gifts hold a place in your heart?     Images via sushipot & vintagetoys

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Vladimir Bobri

  Vladimir Bobri was an illustrator, author, composer, educator, guitar historian - and all round clever clogs. Celebrated for his prolific and innovative graphic design work in New York since the mid-1920's, Bobri was also a founder of the New York Society Of The Classic Guitar.   I know nothing about guitars but I do know a brilliant illustrator when I see one. The composition and colours used in this exquisite alphabet are sublime, they're taken from the book 'N is for Nursery' published in 1956. To see more of Bobri's work as well as heaps...

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Sew Brilliant

  I'm mad for the beautiful photography and thread combinations of artist and designer Hagar Vardimon. If you're looking for an original and elegant gift or want something brilliant just for yourself then you can buy his wonderful work here.

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