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Creative Juices

  Regular readers will know that when I'm in need of inspiration I like to grab my camera and take a walk. Nowhere spectacular, in fact it can be the places we take for granted that can deliver a whole new aesthetic when seen through a lens. Beauty in the bland, symmetry in the somber, joy in the joyless.    All image: BigJon   Don't forget the BigJon Sale. Enter Discount Code: BIGJONSALE and enjoy 50% Off any 5 cards or more. 

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Keith Haring

  Kieth Haring is one of the few artists who's work has the ability to move me in so many different ways. It's not often you effectively grow up with an icon and when I was at art college that's effectively what he was. As regular readers will know I'm a great fan of simplicity and his work epitomises the idea that it shouldn't take much to make a statement. Love, energy, sorrow, humour, joy - his work has everything.  His work is as fresh and relevant today as it...

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Palm Springs (New Range)

  Introducing seven glamorous new editions to the BigJon emporium - Palm Springs. Made with 100% recycled palm trees and printed using inks derived from piano shaped swimming pools, each card is delivered in an air conditioned gold Rolls-Royce. 

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