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Store Fronts

BigJon the store. Can you imagine it? I can, and often do. In fact I have every single thing about it all sorted - in my head.   OK, so I know it's probably barmy to even think about opening a bricks and mortar store these days, it seems that all that are thriving are hairdressers (which I've no need for anymore) and coffee shops (need). And that chain of stores 'ToLet' are booming aren't they? I have no idea what they sell, and they never seem to be open but they must be doing something...

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Love is in the air

Coming soon - BigJon is thrilled to announce the arrival of our first ever open edition screen prints created in collaboration with Puck Studio. Stay tuned for more details. #love

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Irving Penn Flowers

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around."   Is there a better time of year to get excited about blousey blooms? Peony season is in full swing, the birds are singing, the sun is shining (on and off) and here at BigJon Towers we're mainlining hydrangea.   This selection of wonderful, timeless Irving Penn images taken over seven summers for US Vogue (1967 - 1973) are all the inspiration we need for our very own summer of L.O.V.E. 2015.    Love BigJon x More flower love here.  

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